IsoBuster Pro 4.7 Build (2021) PC скачать торрент

Версия программы: 4.7 Build
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский и другие
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: патч

Системные требования:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

IsoBuster - программа, с помощью которой можно получить доступ к файловой системе CD/DVD-диска, минуя Windows. IsoBuster будет полезна при восстановлении данных с CD/DVD, если файлы невозможно прочитать из операционной системы. Программа работает напрямую с секторами, дорожками и сессиями дисков. Поддерживаемые форматы: CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-Text, D-i, VCD, SVCD, DVD и DVCD. IsoBuster может работать с образами дисков, конвертировать файлы и предоставлять информацию о приводе, даже если он виртуальный.

Возможности программы:
• Создание и открытие стандартных файлов образов
• Создание и открытие управляемых файлов образов
• Сканирование на наличие отсутствующих файлов и папок
• Поверхностное сканирование на CD, DVD, BD и HD DVD дисках
• Многоязычная поддержка, включая русский язык
• Извлечение из/в CD, DVD, BD и HD DVD дисков
• Просмотр секторов на CD, DVD, BD и HD DVD дисках
• Извлечение дорожек и сессий на CD, DVD, BD и HD DVD дисках
• Поддержка виртуальных сессий внутри одной физической сессии
• Извлечение из (S)VCD, CD-i, ISO9660, Joliet, Rock Ridge, UDF файловых систем
• Извлечение из HFS(+), IFO / VOB файловых систем
• Извлечение и осмотр связанных Mac файлов
• Извлечение Mac бинарных файлов
• Извлечение файлов, найденных на основе их сигнатур
• Извлечение FAT (12 / 16 / 32) файлов.

Changes / New:
* Implemented an option to not automatically explore a drive for partitions and file systems, to avoid reading until the operator choses so (Ignored on image files and needs a Professional license)
* Retries can be reduced to 0 retries (including the block per block retries)
* Added detection of encrypted partitions and tracks based on the encryption signatures for: WinMagic SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption, BitLocker, Apple File Vault, Check Point Full Disk Encryption, GuardianEdge Encryption Plus/Anywhere/Hard Disk Encryption and Symantec Endpoint Encryption, McAfee Safeboot/Endpoint Encryption, Sophos Safeguard Enterprise and Safeguard Easy, Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption (an encrypted partition or session/track is shown with a green color - it is also indicative for why no files and folders were found for such a partition or session/track)
* Ability to Export and Import report templates (*.ibtmpl) (via right mouse click, see under the actual reporting)
* Full Padus DiscJuggler *.cdi image file support, including CD-Text, via the Padus pfctoc.dll that is installed together with this version of IsoBuster
* Options / GUI / Shell option to choose your own 'Investigate with IsoBuster' text on right mouse clicking a CD/DVD drive in Windows Explorer
* Ability to Scan for missing files and folders but look for *.VOB Video only, via right mouse click + Shift + Ctrl
* Support for the PS2 Memory Card file system
* Support for the PSX Memory Card file system
* Support for the Dreamcast Memory Card file system
* Detect Xbox formatted Hard Disks and support Xbox native partitioning schemes to reach its file systems and stored data
* Detect PS2 formatted Hard Disks and support its native APA partitioning scheme to reach its file systems and stored data
* Detect the PS2 PFS file system
* Support for CD *.vcd image files
* Support for raw CD *.2056, *.2324, *.2332, *.2336, *.2352, *.2368, *.2448 image files
* Support for GD-ROM *.gdi image files
* Support for various other block device image files: *.xgd, *.apa, *.ps2, *.vm2; *.vmc, *.saveram, *.ddf, *.gme, *.mcd, *.mci, *.ps, *.psm, *.srm, *.vgs, *.vmp, *.vm1, *.mcr, *.dcm, *.vmu, *.hfv, *.528

* Greatly improved Prassi PrimoDVD / Sonic / Roxio *.gi image file support by finding internal sections and tracks
* Default RAW extracted CD Images now always get extension *.bin (instead of *.iso)
* Improved support for 512 + 16 ECC bytes per block Image files
* Changed the default optical disc retry counts from Per-Range: 2 and Per-Block: 3 to Per-Range: 1 and Per-Block: 2
* Improved the ability to clone an image with different internal blocksize than the device's blocksize
* Small improvement in Reiser file system detection
* Improvements detecting Xbox' FATX
* Show PS2 APA Attributes/Resources
* Ability to recognize and list ISO images in the application area of a PS2/APA partition
* Check the third track of a GD-ROM for the ISO9660 file system
* Improvement to search functionality and particularly searching inside (what I call) Embedded objects (for instance sub-partitions in partitions)
* Show files in the breadcrumb control when their content is shown (streams, extents etc)
* Show 'state icons' in the breadcrumb control when 'special' object members are shown, for instance streams, extents etc.
* Show wait cursor while loading (large) files into the EditWindow
* Show Search results breadcrumb with the full system name where the search originated
* Improved looking for a UDF 'VAT' in image files
* Default, VOB files are not cut into smaller 1GB pieces anymore (everybody runs NTFS now that can deal with larger files)
* If all tracks of a session are detected as encrypted, the session is regarded encrypted as well
* If all sessions of a CD/DVD are detected as encrypted, the disc is regarded encrypted as well
* Work around a W10 issue (via the installation) that seems to elevate 'Investigate with IsoBuster' to the default setting sometimes
* Before a device is automatically removed (e.g. disconnected or device electronics failure) IsoBuster asks to save the scan results
* Custom file signature scanning now pre-processes the lines for much faster searching
* A few demo Custom file signature scanning *.rules are now installed in the /Plugins/ folder, so that it's easier to understand, edit, test and use
* Custom file signature scanning now also supports commands: \%, \i(), \e() and \c()
* Plenty of other improvements, quite a few changes and re-writes in the core code / engine, as this is a living project and to deal with the ever growing new functionality
* Various other GUI improvements

* Fixed it so that command line parameter /ef:sig works again (It looks like this was broken since v 3.6)
* Fixed exception error that could occur when one clicks the forward history button when there is nothing to show
* Fixed it so that text is displayed again in ListView (on an empty folder or unknown file system or on a partition without file system(s) etc.)
* Fixed it so that if only the last sector in a range is bad, building an error list From-To is still done correctly

Процедура лечения:
1. Установить программу, не запускать;
2. Запустить Smart Projects IsoBuster Pro v4 Patch.exe нажать кнопку Patch и указать путь к файлу IsoBuster.exe
Например на Windows 7 x64 программа ставиться по умолчанию в папку C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart Projects\IsoBuster
Возможна негативная реакция антивирусов на лекарство так что занесите его в исключение.
3. Пользоваться! :подмигивание:
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